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WIld ALPS MAUND RUM Port Pinot 15cm 300




500ML | 750ML | 1750ML | 3000ML

amaica Rum Vintage 2005,

„Port Pinot“ Finishing

This selected "blend" of Jamaica rum aged for 12 years in

selected ex-bourbon casks in the Caribbean receives an

exceptional "Port Pinot" finishing in our cellar.

The distillery of THE WILD ALPS is based on the winery of

“Tobias Schmid & Sohn” in Switzerland. More than 10 years

ago, family Schmid started the vinification of "Old Ruby" a

port wine stile specialty from selected Pinot Noir grapes of

their own production. The first barrels released were used by

THE WILD ALPS for the "Port Pinot" finishing of the MAUND


1st batch bottled in October 2018.

Tasting notes:

Tasting notes – 2018 Masterclass Vienna Rum

Deep amber color in the glass, typical raisins for Jamaica blends from MAUND, slightly woody, distinct roasted aromas, a hint of caramel paired with dark berries and candied fruits. In the end, port wine "sets in scene". Perfect as a "Sipping Rum" and digestif.

J.O. MAUND® - brand story

“Villa Maund” is a hunting lodge built on a spur of the Alps by the English mountaineer Sir John Oakley Maund, one of the first to climb the east summit of the 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) high Les Droites in the Mont Blanc massif.


After the death of J.O.Maund in 1902, the German Crown Prince William von Hohenzollern was tenant of the estate. Among his many celebrity even Queen Elizabeth II is mentioned.


From 1995 to 2007 the Vorarlberg artist and campaigner Paul Renner lived in the Villa Maund. Among his guests were Zaha Hadid, Ferran Adrià, Günter Brus and the infamous “Hell Fire Touring Club”.


A location of myths and rumours and the inspiration for THE WILD ALPS – ALCHEMY ADVENTURE.

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