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 triple distilled & filtered



5ML | 500ML | 1000ML

WILD ALPS VODKA is an Ultra-Premium Vodka.


PURE - distilled from finest wheat and pure Alpine spring water, coal-filtered. THIS IS VODKA !

Tasting notes:


WILD INSIDE - Clear, fresh nose. Very soft and smooth at the palate with even a gentle sweetness. Elegant fresh and clear finish.

THE WILD ALPS® - our story

Our premises are located in the heart of the Alps close to the Lake of Constance. Looking out of the window, even on a hot summer day you'll spot snow covered mountain peaks – THE WILD ALPS.


Our families are distilling alcohol from fruits, berries, roots and grain for decades. WILD ALPS VODKA is in fact derived from the basis product for our WILD ALPS SCHNAPZ and our MORRIS GIN production. As we are aiming for uncompromising product quality this vodka is a ultra - premium vodka of highest standards. More and more customers becam curious about this important "part" for our spirits - and where asking for bottling the quintessence of "THE WILD ALPS" - VODKA.

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